Dinko Kovačić arrow Nikola Polak: Please let me introduce myself
Please let me introduce myself

In numerous interviews Kovačić did not speak about the overall design project but instead about the interior arrangement of space. He explained his theory about individualism on the 16th floor as follows: "I want my architecture to express the humanitarian part of me. Man must be loved for his diversity and individualism at the same time. With that principle in mind, I designed Split 3. Olive trees grew wild in this area and it was very difficult for me to have them cut down and replaced by concrete. Growth, that attribute of living beings, has been shaped by the principle of individualized collective living. Any uniformity is overshadowed by modeling".

This oxymoron, individualism cloaked in collectivism, is explained by Kovačić in the folowing way:
"An apartment is a mirror of the relationships in a family: how they are today and how they will be. They include the funetionality of the apartment and the real relationship which creates and holds a family together.

Relationships dictate the dimension which cannot be counted and, therefore, space cannot be simply drawn, it must be modeled. An architect knows that well modeled space lends itself to family togetherness. His goal is to give the child and parents at least 5 minutes more at mealtimes which is, in fact, 30 hours a year. If he does this, he is a success.
Buže za 'repce'
Space has life when it stimulates relationships and encourages a pleasant atmosphere. The object becomes a living thing as if it is a part of nature. It has its winter and spring as well as its sunrise and sunset."

It also has its own birds.

Any attempt to free oneself from prejudice, to save building costs and find homes for pigeons and sparrows under the roofs of new buildings, gives a true picture of a man who does not live alone. All of these are good intentions but there can be different results if an architect with soul has no talent and knowledge. The architect must be aware of and believe that a house is a gift box which must be beautifully wrapped.