Dinko Kovačić arrow Nikola Polak: Please let me introduce myself
Please let me introduce myself
Odeska ulica
In the Split 3 design it is obvious that the architect has a feeling for ambience, shapes and texture, and a deep knowledge of the region. It is not without reason that Kovačić believes that it would be difficult for him to work outside Dalmatia. He is deeply rooted in this ambience. His emphasis on modeling and texture instead of flatness and color results from the polychromatic sea, stones and sky. The most important feature of his work is plasticity that is close to nature.

Topography as well as the contours of the mountains in the hinterland and the outlines of the nearby islands are taken into consideration and do not allow any idea of flatness of the fifth fasade. Only the sea is horizontal.
Dinko Kovačić: "The buildings rise above the ground asymmetrically both sparsely and densely grouped, almost like a concrete garden and they are given their life more or less by fertile land."

Departure from the last word and the possibility of an inadvertent intervention suggest that Kovačić has a hidden, yet excellent, feeling for proportions and rhythm. These two architectural properties which he elaborated on in the and space gave his buildings intended for collective living the impression of interaction between light and shadow which is characteristic of densely built fishing villagges. This profound knowledge is best illustrated in Vruja Holiday Resort near Omiš which was built in this tradition. It is a modern replica of the settlements outside the walls of Diocletian's Palace.

The remodeling of old objects can best be illustrated in the Dalma Grocery Store in Split 3 which seems to grow out of the cliff and leans against the pedestrian walkway. This is reminiscent of Wright's designs which makes this complex a true homage to the timelessness of stone landscapes.
Although interpreted somewhat differently, all of these architectural properties can be found in the Bretanide Hotel in Bol on the Island of Brač (from the mid-1980's) and a high school in Split 3 (from the early 1990's).