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Please let me introduce myself
By this simple analogy the school is just not another place, it is home.
The above mentioned projects are just a few of the many designed by Kovačić but Split 3, Bretanide Hotel and the high school in Split 3 are representative of his talent and personality.

The highest compliment he can be paid for his work is that he is a master of "every day" architecture. But his architecture is not without pretensions. It is intended for use by all. He does not wat to be different at all costs. In his work all values are well balanced. His treatment of space allows its users to adapt the space to their needs rather than having the space dominate.

Villa 'Stupalo'
Kovačić has also designed small family houses. As much thoughtfulness, or even more, went into those projects as the larger projects. He always wants to please whether it is his small weekend house in Ražanj, built with love for his wife, or a luxurious villa in Meje.

The completion of his last project is a surprise to only those who are not familiar with his credo - never repeat yourself. A classic example is the late modern Villa Stupalo. It is a masterly balanced monochromatic structure with specific dynamics which encircle 30 years of his work together with Split 3. This object demonstrates the plasticity of light and shadow in the manner of Meyer, stone colors resembling those in the nearby Meštrović Gallery, and a series of glass walls evoking Kauzlarić's dematerialized ground floors like those in the nearby Archeological Museum. The architect does not wish to flirt with trends or today's technological bravura. The most impressive feature is the interior arrangement of the ground floor which lies on the flat terrain. The architect successfully controlled all space and dimensions which are in perfect harmony with the nearby existing structures.