Dinko Kovačić arrow Nikola Polak: Please let me introduce myself
Please let me introduce myself

What effects do you expect from space?

What else except that it aids and stimulates interaction between family members, neighbors and community.

Architect Dinko Kovačić

If you ask architects about their work, you will find that they have something in common - earnestness. Each of them considers his work to be very important and each attempts to find some profound grounds in his work. Few manage to hold on to simplicity of expression in their ideas about architecture. There are even fewer who can make you laugh until you cry with some anecdotes which shade their ideas about life with bright colors.

My first attempt to seriously approach architecture was as a student doing practical fieldwork in th early 1970's. My first glimpse of the then famous Split 3, a new urban architectural complex which gained international fame, shocked me with its simple elegance. My colleagues and I were impressed by Borozan Street which won many national awards. At the site sheds Mr. Kovačić spoke to us in no uncertain terms about his architectural concept. He taught us that even pigeonholes could be taken seriously in architecture. The value of Kovačić's architecture can be found in these Schonheit Fehlers, face moles in the then ultra modern housing projects. Following Mušić's idea of living in the streets, Kovačić discretely met the criteria of internal logic, fully aware that a street is not merely physically determined by facades, but by its ability to meet the needs of the community. In order for a street tgo have a soul, the residents must first give it personality. One must first like one's apartment in order to like the street. Can an apartment be a home?