Dinko Kovačić arrow Nikola Polak: Please let me introduce myself
Please let me introduce myself
Zlatni rat, Bol na Braču
The well-known Split architect and critic said the following about the Bretanide Hotel:
"The concept of that hotel complex is based on Mediterranean urban planning, that is, a rural settlement in Dalmatia and the Adriatic Sea islands. It cannot be said that Kovačić confirmed his regionalism in this building. The asbestos roofing and the white flat tiles give the impression of the ancient white stone roofs in Dalmatia. The concept of the beach facilities is traditional and yet their form and function are modern. The ground floor and mezzanine bring tradition and modernism together."

Actually, that first glimpse of this complex, especially when approaching Bol by sea, is magical. The roof tiles discretely emerge from the dense pine forest. No one can believe that this mass of white roof tiles in the vicinity of the white Zlatni Rat promontory, which is reshaped by the breeze every day, is a hotel. This hotel is in contrast to the mass of new modern buildings in the area which were built during the boom in tourism on the Adriatic Sea. Continuity was completely disregarded. Dinko Kovačić's design is truly a monument to the past as well as the present.

The entire structure gives the impression that it carefully crept between the pine trees. His greatest achievement is the continuity of the ambience: birds, arbors, benches, walkways, niches, fireplaces. There are many sliding walls which allow nature to invade the space. The simplicity of the construction materials, the restful colors, and the engravings in the stone walls resembling lace make the hotel a true beauty.

And all of this is in only one hotel. In the end, it is the magic of the architect. Nothing is excessive and nothing is missing. When the Maestral Hotel in Brela and Solaris Hotel in ·ibenik were built no one thought to make such an improvement in tourist facilities. It is very unlikely that anyone will duplicate his success with this hotel, not even Kovačić himself. He created the perfect ambience for traditional Dalmatian singing groups. Everything in this hotel is in perfect harmony: sounds echo towards the highest peak on the island and towards the Zlatni Rat beach.