Dinko Kovačić arrow Nikola Polak: Please let me introduce myself
Please let me introduce myself

cvrkut ptica u školi...
In 1983 when Dinko Kovačić planned the Bretanide Hotel, Kenneth Frampton published his essay titled: "Towards Critical Regionalism". In his essay he stated that it is very difficult to be creative in reshaping ancient buildings. But, Kovačić with his strength and quality proved that it is possible.

Somewhat defferent but basically the same idea was used by Kovačić in the design of the high school in Split 3. One student suggested that the architect put a "Good Luck" sign over the main entrance, as do miners at the mine entrance. Thus, luck would hopefully follow all entering this beautiful building.

This building houses four different high school programs. Upon entering the building one finds himself in a large atrium where students meet, give presentations, ond enjoy the peace and quiet which is discretely interrupted by the sound of water in the fountain and birds chirping. The greenery and vibrant colors of the flowers add to the cheerfulness. Maybe it is the influence of the birds that graffiti does not cover the walls, nor are the floors littered. I think that this building intended for educating the youth stands for a true home: its halls are streets which lead home. Everything has its place and is in its place. In addition to classrooms which are home-like, the students are offered spaces for different activities which are like dining rooms. This principle was first used in a school in Žrnovnica.